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a developers log

About ME


Hey, My name's Paweł, I'm a software developer and tech savvy. In my free time I enjoy writing code and managing servers - and this is my main hobby. Eventually I like also to go sailing and read some fantasy books.

My setup

Currently I have HP 8200 Elite Small Form Factor desktop PC, with Intel Core i7-2600, 16 Gigs of RAM and an SSD and two monitors. This is enough to run Gentoo Linux and don't notice the impact of compilation.

I'm totally a terminal addicted person, so I only use Vim as an editor and IDE, NeoMutt to read my emails, and Zsh and Tmux. I don't use any Desktop Environments, since they are to bloated and heavy to use. AwesomeWM is my Window Manager, mainly because it's scriptable with Lua and I can make it do whatever I imagine. And the browser I use is Luakit, thanks to to it's minimalism and mouse-free usage.


Here's my PGP key that I use to sign commits and email C415 6919 3235 9F30 36C6 18D3 C030 EFEA 0AF3 02C0