Paweł Tomak

Hello, my name is Paweł. I’m a Python Developer and/or DevOps Engineer from Wrocław. I started as a C++ Software Developer, but quickly switched to a scripted languages (like Pike or Python). As a developer I mainly worked as a backend developer. While taking many programming challanges I learned how to work using design patterns and with Agile methodology. During more than 15 years of using Linux, I gained broad knowladge about adminitrating this operating system. This also helped me get hands on experience in managing many different kinds of servers: DNS, mail, www. Because automating all the tasks, tinkering with servers and services was my passion (and still is), I started to take more devops tasks in the team, to finally switch fully to a DevOps role. During my carrer I created and monitored complex delivery pipelines using both Gitlab CI (with different runners) or Jenkins (running on AWS cloud), Terraformed AWS cloud and configured and managed Xen based virtual servers, as well as Dockerized handfull of applications. Hopfully you will find my resume interesting and engaging to further job discussion.

Skills & Proficiency

Linux Python AWS Terraform/Packer
Bash/shell Gitlab CI Docker Jenkins
Pike Lua C++ Kubernetes
Ansible CloudFormation Github Actions



DevOps at Evidentiq

Tech Stack: AWS, Docker, Terraform, AWS Code*, AWS ECS, Github, Gitlab


DevOps at Semantive

Tech Stack: AWS, Docker, Terraform, CloudFormation, AWS Code*


Software Developer/DevOps/Software Architect at Open Tangerine

Tech Stack: AWS, Docker, Python, RabbitMQ, Terraform, Gitlab CI, MongoDB


Software Developer/DevOps at PGS Software S.A.

Tech Stack: AWS, Docker, Nginx, Jenkins, Terraform, Packer, Python, Geoserver, Postgresql


Python Software Developer at Nokia

Tech Stack: Python, Pytet, 5G, Protobuf, ASN1, Gitlab CI, PyPi, Docker


Software Engineer at Opera Software

Tech Stack: Pike, C/C++, Presto (Opera rednering web eninge)


Software Developer at Nokia Siemens Networks

Tech Stack: C/C++, 3G

Technical Experience

Some of my projects/open source contributions:

Terraform module to manage IAM policy creation in a single step
Vim plugin to search/read Pike documentation inside Vim.
Vim plugin to show current context/scope inside nested namespaces of C++ or Pike languages.
A small program acting as a kind of proxy before browser. Usefull in setups with many different browser used for different purposes.
GitLab plugin for Git
Manage Gitlab project using git - in progress


M.D in Information Technology; Opole University of Technology


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